Partnership Representative

At A&C Advisors LLC, we pride ourselves on serving as a trusted Partnership Representative, delivering an indispensable service in the current financial regulatory landscape. In the ever-evolving regulatory regime, it’s crucial that you choose the firm to serve a Partnership Representative and do not let the IRS do it for you. As a partnership representative, we serve as your liaison with the IRS, ensuring smooth and accurate communication when and if questions come up regarding your firm’s tax returns.

Your Trusted Representative


The need for a Partnership Representative in today’s complex fiscal environment cannot be overstated. With escalating regulatory demands and the intricacies of US tax law, having a US tax partnership representative is a necessity.

The Partnership Representative plays an essential role in maintaining open lines of communication with the IRS and as liaison between you and your tax advisor to handle IRS requests and inquiries in an efficient manner. Engaging A&C for this service ensures that your business will have someone on the ground to directly handle IRS communications. Choosing A&C ensures that the IRS doesn’t do it for you, using A&C provides you with peace of mind, knowing that potential IRS questions regarding the firm’s returns are handled by seasoned experts and more importantly, people you know. Having a Partnership Representative like A&C Advisors LLC is a strategic move to safeguard your firm.

At A&C Advisors LLC, we understand the important role that Partnership Representative plays and that you can rely on. Our team is dedicated to providing professional and friendly service, backed by deep expertise in corporate governance, risk management, investment management, capital raising, product development, and operations.

Our commitment to client service is unparalleled, as we aim to provide you with complete information tailored to your unique operations. As your Partnership Pepresentative, we leverage our extensive experience in the global financial market to work for you.

Don’t wait for the IRS to act on your behalf. Let A&C Advisors LLC be your trusted partnership representative, delivering independent, accurate, and complete guidance and support to the global investment management community. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed in today’s marketplace.