Independence Equals Corporate Governance

In today’s volatile market, investors and managers need independent individuals to serve as directors on boards of funds as well as independent personnel to serve on Special Purposes Entities to insure the highest level of Corporate Governance.   A&C’s team of individuals have “real” experience with managers, investors and lenders to provide the highest level of service.

Independent Director Services

A&C Advisors LLC has been offering these services across the globe for more then 21 years. Our firm prides itself on having Directors who have “REAL” Wall Street experience. Our team has collectively over 75 years of sitting on trading desk, managing operations, completing real estate transactions, making investments in hard assets across multiple jurisdictions and structures. We understand what is means to be a fiduciary and the value that an independent director brings to an organization. 


We believe in the old adage you get what you pay for and as such our fees are commensurate with our experience. There are some firms who are simply after quantity and therefore give up quality. This is not A&C- we believe in quality over quantity.


A&C's directors are engaged. We speak with managers and investors on a regular basis and are not simply there to sign documents. If an engaged Director is someone you want - we are the right fit. If you are looking for someone to simply sign documents - look somewhere else.

Corporate Services

Through our affiliate A&C Corporate Services LLC we can provide you with services to make sure your operation runs smoothly and efficiently. Our team, through our global partnerships, can open, run, operate and maintain entities around the world.

Our team is ready and able to handle tasks that you need in order to remove the burden of maintaining an organization and complying with state, federal and jurisdiction requirements.


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